Giving Back

A key objective of the Heart Angel charity is to encourage community spirit, and all the profits raised from the Heart Angel go back into the community. We are developing a range of programmes with the aim to help vulnerable members of the community as well as developing local amenities to upgrade the facilities and promote social enterprise for all ages in the Community.

Random Act of Kindness Schools Challenge

A Random act of kindness challenge will be rolled out to all schools annually. During these dates primary schools will be challenged to undertake a kindness day. During this day, all classes in the school will speak about kindness, what it means and what kind of random acts of kindness they can undertake to make a positive impact on someone’s life. They will discuss how being kind can change their life and the life of others. 

Heart Angel Gardens

The Heart Angel charity is working on developing projects to enhance communities such as developing Heart Angel Gardens that all the community can enjoy.

The charity plans to create gardens in every county in Ireland and has already begun working with local authorities with the first garden planned for Carrigaline, Co Cork.